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Tuāpapa. | Foundations.

LEGACY - "... for something handed down from one generation to the next ..."

WANOA FOUR is a whānau of intelligent creatives, deeply committed to inspiring pride in identity!   


Designed and made in New Zealand, we are about celebrating whakapapa (genealogy), craftsmanship, innovation and indigenous design solutions - a mash up of meaningful creation where purpose fuels passion, good design and good futures. 

We believe in values-based design approaches - designing for longevity and purpose creates an opportunity for a deeper connection, transitioning roles from consumer to kaitiaki (guardian).

Keri Wanoa.

Founder | Designer

Tel: +64 21 287 1050

'My design approach is unquestionably about people and place, self-determined futures and empowerment of thriving indigenous eco-systems.' 


Brooke Strang. 

Founder | Designer

Tel: +64 27 224 4148

'I love being New Zealand made!!  Championing a reshoring of Aotearoa's fashion & textiles eco-systems is what we are all about - Aotearoa Ake!'

Hemi Sundgren. 

Designer | Maker | Mātauranga Māori Expert

'Kaitiakitanga includes active stewardship or guardianship to sustain people and natural resources for the future. The relationship between the health of the wider natural ecosystem and the wellbeing of the people is intrinsically intertwined.'

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